2015 Books Read

​1. The Third Reich at War, by Richard J. Evans

​2. The Last Days of Kim Jong-il, by Bruce Bechtol

3. The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli

4. Under the Care of the Fatherly Leader, by Bradely Martin

​5. Harmful to Minors, by Judith Levine​

6. A Geologic Trip Across Tennessee, by Harry Moore

7. Civil War Tennessee, by Thomas L. Connelly

​8. Billions and Billions, by Carl Sagan

9. The Great North Korean Famine, by Andrew Natsios

Current year titles in Bold Italics denote I have read them.

2019 & 2018 Reading List

1. The Coming of the Third Reich, by Richard Evans
2. Life In North Korea: Psychological Insights Into The Regime and Those Who Escape, by Benjamin E. Taylor
3. The Ethical Slut, by Dossie Easton & Janet Hardy
4. The Violist's Thumbs, by Sam Kean
5. More Than Two, by Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert
6. Everybody Lies, by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
7. Straight, by Hanne Blank
8. North of the DMZ, by Andrei Lankov

9. The Fall of Berlin 1945, by Antony Beevor
10. The Great Successor, by Anna Fifield

(2018) 1. Eyes of the Tailless Animals, by Soon Ok Lee

(2018) 2. Tribe, by Sebastian Junger

2017 Books Read

1. The End, by Ian Kershaw

2. The Guerilla Dynasty, by Adrian Buzo

3. The Rape of Nanking, by Iris Chang

4. A Slow Death: 83 Days of Radiation Sickness, by NHK TV

5. Aquariums of Pyongyang, by Chol-hwan Kang

​6. Lost to the West, by Lars Brownworth​

7. In Order to Live, by Yeonmi Park

8. North Korea Confidential, by D. Tudor, J. Pearson

​9. Daily Life in North Korea, by Andrei Lankov

Featured Books

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2016 Books Read

1. Keep Life Simple, Linus Mundy

2. Laogai: The Chinese Gulag, by Hongda "Harry" Wu

3. No They Can't, by John Stossel

4. Without You There is No Us, by Suki Kim

5. The Nazi & the Psychiatrist, by Jack El-Hai

6. Taking a Stand, Rand Paul

7. The Reluctant Communist, by Charles Jenkins

8. Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

9. Dear Leader, by Jang Jin-Sung

10. Golden Harvest, by Jan T. Gross

11. Rogue Regime, by Jasper Becker

2022 Reading List

1. The Real North Korea, by Andrei Lankov

2. The Cleanest Race, by B.R Myers

​3. Outsiders, Markus Bell

4. Inside North Korea's Theocracy, by Ra Jong-yil

5. Word by Word, by Kory Stamper

​6. Spies, Lies, and Algorithms, by Amy Zegart

Featured Books

2020 Reading List

1. Sniper on the Eastern Front, by Albrecht Waker

2. Neutrino Hunters, by Ray Jayawardhana

3. Under the Same Sky, by Joseph Km & Stephan Talty

4. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt, by Toby Wilkinson 

5. Kim Jong Un and the Bomb, Ankit Panda

6. Writing to Persuade, by Trish Hall 

​7. The Great Successor, by Anna Fifield 

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        2014 Books Read

​1. God's Equation, by Amir Aczel

2. Kim Il Sung, by Dae-Sook Suh

3. Liberty Defined, by Ron Paul

4. The Law, by Frederic Bastiat

​5. Stalingrad, by Antony Beevor

6. Endless Universe, by Steinhardt & Turok

7. How to Influence People, by John C. Maxwell

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                       2013 Books Read

1. Inclined to Liberty, by Louis Carabini

2. Entanglement, by Amir Aczel

3. Nullification, by Tom Woods

4. The Moral Landscape, by Sam Harris

5. Faster Than the Speed of Light, by Joao Magueijo

6. Exit Emperor Kim Jong-il, by John Cha & K. J. Sohn

7. Death by Black Hole, by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

8. Criminal Sovereignty, by Paul Kan, Bruce Bechtol & Robert Collins

9. The Impossible State, by Victor Cha

​10. The Liberty Amendments, by Mark Levin