I assisted in drafting Tennessee Senate Bill 1877 (2013-2014) which was introduced by Sen. Frank Nicely. The bill (which died in committee) would have prevented local governments from raising taxes if they had surplus funds available.

Here is the PDF version of it. You can find its dedicated TN Assembly page here.

1. The Marketization of North Korea, presented to the Rutherford County, TN Libertarian Party, 9/2017. PDF, 8 pages

2. Tennesseans Against Water Fluoridation White Paper, Keith E. Rea & Jacob Bogle, 2013. PDF, 5 pages

3. The Saga of Robert Arnold: a compilation of articles from Murfreesboro Review, Jacob Bogle, 2015-16. PDF, 16 pages

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May 8, 2015 was the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe. To commemorate the event, I wrote what is now Tennessee HJR0284 (2015), "Honoring those who fought and died in World War II and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe."

My State Representative, Rep. Bryan Terry (R-48), introduced the resolution. On April 9, 2015, it unanimously passed the House. That was quickly followed by the Senate and was then signed by Gov. Haslam on the 16th! 

You can read the text of the resolution and see its progress on its dedicated TN Assembly page

1. The Price of the Cult of Kim, 2017. PDF, 14 pages

2. A Brief History of Rutherford County, 2013. PDF, 16 pages

3. On the Death of Jang Sung-taek, 2013. PDF, 9 pages

4. Wollo-ri: Much Ado About Something, 2020. PDF, 15 pages