2016 stories

7/13/16 - Attorney General Slatery issues opinion on traffic cams - Murfreesboro Post

7/8/16 - Local group against red light cameras speaks out - WGNS 1450

7/3/16 - Letters to the Editor - Daily News Journal

6/4/16 - DA advises delay of ouster suit against Sheriff Arnold - Daily News Journal

3/22/16 - Ban the Cam? - Reporter Jackson Jones (interviewed)

3/6/16 - Camera Opponents Seek to Stop Contract (quoted) - Daily News Journal

2/8/16 - Red Light Cameras Opposed (photo & quoted) - Murfreesboro Post

2/6/16 – Majority of Council Opposes District Representation (includes 36 sec. video interview with me) - Daily News Journal

Other Mentions

1/1/18 - North Korean Base Collapses - The Sun (UK Tabloid and mirrored by several other sites)

1/14/18  - North Korea Military Base 'Collapses and Falls Into the Sea' - Daily Star (UK Tabloid)

1/1/13 – This Month’s Featured Duster is Jacob Bogle- Stardust@Home (UC Berkeley) 

5/21/13 - Petition Seeks to Remove Murfreesboro Red-Light Cameras - WSMV News Channel 4

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  • I've assisted 3 Federal level campaigns, 2 State level campaigns, and 3 Local level campaigns
  • Politics, International Affairs, History, Medicine, Philosophy & Religion
  • My personal writings have been read over 590,000 times (and cited in the Washington PostBuzzFeed, ThinkProgress, and others)
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My name is Jacob Bogle and I live in Murfreesboro, TN. 

I am a certified architectural drafter, pharmacy technician, and I studied theology at Liberty University. 

I have been a numismatist for 22 years, a political activist for 16 years, and a North Korea analyst for 7 years. 

My interests are varied and numerous, but I am a firm believer in turning passion into making a living. I have extensive experience in my areas of interest, from coin dealing and appraising, to working on federal, state, and local campaigns. 

If you need one of my big three: COINS, POLITICAL CONSULTING, RESEARCH - then contact me!  

​Available for interviews regarding North Korea in any media format.


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2015 Stories

4/17/15 – Ethics Complaint Calls for Sheriff Outser - Murfreesboro Post 

4/17/15 – Ethics Complaint Filed Against Sheriff - Murfreesboro News Press

4/18/15 – Sheriff Now Faces Ethics Complaint - Daily News Journal

4/18/15 – Sheriff Faces complaint Along with TBI Investigation - Knoxville News 

4/23/15 – Sheriff Arnold Faces Ouster Attempt (video) - Fox News 17

4/23/15 – Ethics Panel Wants to Hire Attorney to help with Arnold Complaint - Daily News Journal 

4/24/15 – Sheriff’s Office Suspends Russell & Sharp with Pay (quoted) - Daily News Journal

4/25/15 – County Attorney Recuses Self - Daily News Journal

5/25/15 – TN Sheriff’s Home Raided by Feds - CopBlock.com

5/28/15 – Ethics Committee Continues Arnold Discussion (video) - News Channel 2

5/28/15 - Ethics Committee Questions Paid Leave (quoted) - Daily News Journal

5/28/15 - Ethics Panel Wants Details (quoted) - Murfreesboro Post

5/31/15 - Ethics Committee: "Someone's not telling the truth" (quoted) - Murfreesboro Post

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2017 stories

9/5/17 - Gave a talk on the marketization of North Korea and its effects on their culture to the Rutherford County Libertarian Party. (Text of main presentation)

6/20/17 - Interviewed about Otto Warmbier - (basic transcript) - Dan Mandis Radio Show, 99.7 WWTN Nashville

4/19/17 - Guest on 820 WBAP Dallas (10:35-45 am), discussing life in North Korea

4/18/17 - Was interviewed about life in North Korea (second half of first hour) - Dan Mandis Radio Show, 99.7 WWTN Nashville