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What's New

URGENT! Please help Oust Rutherford County TN Sheriff, Robert Arnold! For information about his abuses and corruption please visit www.MurfreesboroReview.com. To help, sign our petition & Like our Facebook Page!

North Korea

  • I finished the mapping part of Phase I on Nov. 28, 2015; after working for over 3 years. It became available to the public on March 5, 2016. Check out #AccessDPRK to get the most complete map to-date of North Korea via Google Earth - over 28,000 places!

World Castles & Fortifications

  • GOAL: To mark every extant castle and fortification visible on satellite imagery that was built after 1000 AD (or still in use at the time) up to 1950. 
  • I've fully mapped 38 countries representing over 14 million square miles of land. 
  • ​These 38 areas have a combined 1,383 castles, forts, and coastal batteries.
  • ​I have marked a further 8,404 locations around the world, bringing my total to 9,787

Other Mapping Projects

I have a number of projects similar to #AccessDPRK but for other areas. 

  • Tennessee
  • Cuba
  • South Korea
  • China
  • World Electrical Grid
  • World Military Forces
  • Lighthouses of the World

Mapping projects

A Political Look at Murfreesboro 

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Opening North Korea via Satellite Imagery 

​Here's a few selections:

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