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Mapping projects

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North Korea

  • ​The AccessDPRK 2023 Map is published!
  • There is a Free version and a Proversion (with over 70,500 places) to met your research needs. Please support the project via Patreon.

World Castles & Fortifications

  • GOAL: To mark every extant castle and fortification visible on satellite imagery that was built after 1000 AD (or still in use at the time) up to 1950. 
  • I've fully mapped 92 countries representing over 18 million square miles of land.
  • ​Over 25,000 castles and forts have been located!

Other Mapping Projects

I have a number of projects similar to #AccessDPRK but for other areas. 

  • Tennessee
  • Cuba
  • South Korea
  • China
  • World Electrical Grid
  • World Military Forces
  • Lighthouses of the World