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North Korea

  • ​The AccessDPRK 2021 Map (Phase III) is published!
  • Phase IIIis over 20% larger than the 2017 map and has Free and Proversions to met your research needs. Pro has several thousand more places and a greater level of detail with added information. Please support the project viaPatreon.

World Castles & Fortifications

  • GOAL: To mark every extant castle and fortification visible on satellite imagery that was built after 1000 AD (or still in use at the time) up to 1950. 
  • I've fully mapped 92 countries representing over 18 million square miles of land.
  • ​Over 25,000 castles and forts have been located!

Other Mapping Projects

I have a number of projects similar to #AccessDPRK but for other areas. 

  • Tennessee
  • Cuba
  • South Korea
  • China
  • World Electrical Grid
  • World Military Forces
  • Lighthouses of the World

Mapping projects

Thanks for visiting my website. This serves as the central portal to my various projects and blogs. Please come back often as there will be continual updates & changes!

AccessDPRK - Kim Jong-un's Underground Pyongyang - July 24, 2023

NK News Pro - How North Korean mining has left a toxic legacy for the country's people - May 17, 2023

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AccessDPRK - Dissecting the DMZ - Dec. 21, 2022

AccessDPRK - In NK, thousands of guns point to the sky - Sept. 24, 2022

VICE - What North Korea Doesn't Want You to See - Sept. 21, 2022 (Super Users episode)

NK News Pro - North Korea's fake missile defense batteries (probably) aren't fooling anyone -  Sept. 12, 2022

Radio Free Asia - North Korea's markets go from bustling to bust amid pandemic - June 20, 2022

AccessDPRK - Phishing for AccessDPRK - May 25, 2022

AccessDPRK - Military Economy: Unit 810 - April 30, 2022

JBW - The Tale of Princess Olga of Kiev - Feb. 27, 2022

​AccessDPRK - Kim Jong-un's First Decade in Power Series - A multipart series that will run through Aug. 2021-Feb. 2022

AccessDPRK - Probable Ballistic Missile Training Facility Located - July 25, 2021

AccessDPRK - The Unique Buildings of North Korea's Missile Program - June 20, 2021​​

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A Political Look at Murfreesboro 

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